10 dating mistakes women make speed dating janesville wisconsin

If he’s still paying to get through college before buying his dream car, he could be feeling the pressure. When it comes to a guy’s pleasure pistol, he will wonder incessantly about how he measures up to other guys his age.

Guys will watch porn just to compare their member to other guys in order to feel like they aren’t abnormal or lacking in some way.

He might hide behind hats or even shave it off completely in order to avoid being ridiculed by his friends or the opposite sex. Guys can be super insecure if they have feminine-looking or small hands because it can seem less macho and masculine to a girl.

Some even feel like they’ll be judged for having delicate hands because it makes them look like they don’t know how to work with their hands.

All guys want to believe that they are the best you’ve ever had in bed.

If a guy drives a jalopy, he may be incredibly insecure of what other guys and girls think of him.

Having a nice car is often part of the package of a confident guy.

Guys can be incredibly self-conscious of how they sweat during sex, how fast or slow they orgasm, in addition to the noises and facial expressions they make.

He will also be insecure about whether or not you’re faking your orgasm, and so comes the epic question that almost every guy asks after sex, “was it good for you?

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