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This photo is from the Honolulu Advertiser from April 2, 1908. SAN FRANCISCO – Family history DNA tests are pegged to be hugely popular gifts this Christmas – but are they worth it if you're one of the 30 percent or so of Americans with ancestors who didn't come from Europe? People of color generally aren't going to get the same specificity of ethnicity estimates as white Americans, though the results are slowly getting more precise for those with ancestors from Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Even so, experts suggest collecting DNA from your oldest relatives now, wherever they come from, because one day it's going to be a genealogical gold mine.

It’s impossible to name one test that’s best for everyone with non-European ancestry because all are constantly updating their panels and their algorithms.However, his Hawaiian heritage is still classified under generic Polynesia in both estimates, which includes Hawaii, Tonga and Samoa.“Their databases have more people of European descent because that’s who’s been tested,” he said, though he does allow that things improving.“Polynesians are now up to 28 in the Ancestry database!An African-American might find only genetic traces showing their ancestors had originally been from the part of Africa that is now Ghana.Andre Kearns great-great grandfather Edward Biggs was born to a formerly enslaved woman in Bertie County, North Carolina around 1867.

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