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Voting takes place at the IAPN's General Assembly, which this year will be held in Carefree, AZ, on Wednesday May 15th. ISBN 978-0-9543457-6-1, 978-0-9543457-7-8 Price: GBP 50. To this day a few British collectors still use the word in its intended derogatory sense - usually those who don't appreciate the history of these counterfeits (the British AND American economies would have failed without them since neither country ever had enough copper coinage for daily business transactions).The Prize was first awarded in 1982, when it was won by the late Dr Martin Price. The definitive guide to the paper money issues of Scotland from 1695 to the present day. When I visited Birmingham a few years back I got the sense that the city had the last laugh - yes, they were famous for inexpensive products, but also high-end luxury products like those produced at the Soho Manufactory (which turned out all sorts of art objects along with coins, tokens, medals, buttons and the like).Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers LLC is a licensed and bonded auction firm in the State of Ohio. Fortunately, we have someone who really ought to have a pretty definitive answer if I'm wrong.For more information, please see the Kolbe & Fanning website at or email David Fanning at [email protected] Neil, did Wright & Bale produce anything similar to the piece I showed in last week's E-Sylum? When the panel and I discussed the reverse of our coins, like the penny, nickel, Kennedy-half and quarter, they were actually stumped as to what was on the reverses." Also useful are notices of employee awards, which in some cases detail process improvements within the Mint, and retirement notices that lend color to the careers of Mint employees. The public is still not aware of the impact of the new silver dollar, nor are the people aware of the obverse and reverse design.

A PDF of the printed catalogue has been posted to our main website at for those who prefer that format. Hard to tell without seeing it or a photo of the edge, but worth looking at! I passed these thoughts on to Jonathan, who copied Medallic Washington author Neil Musante on his response. William Barber's last works were in the 1870s, meaning that this medal would have been kicking around for 40 years before being used in 1915. Also, although I don't have a full catalog of Wright & Bale, the ones I could find of their medals are all smaller than this one (max 45 mm or so).Auction Mobility is an app-based platform allowing users the ability to participate in the sale through phones, tablets and computers. It looks to me like the loop was screwed in, and pushed up the metal on both sides as it was inserted.To register for the sale, bidders must go to bid.and sign up. That suggests to me that there wasn't enough room for the screw in the first place, and so likely solid rather than two shells.To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see: KOLBE & FANNING SALE 152 ANNOUNCED (https:// This year there are 20 titles for consideration, and I attach a full list of them, including details of ordering information. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." -Editor I'm with Jonathan on this one - definitely not Wright & Bale. The 572-page Coins and Currency: An Historical Encyclopedia by textbook author Mary Ellen Snodgrass was first published in 2003 by Mc Farland. -Editor To see the preview on Google Books: Coins and Currency: An Historical Encyclopedia (https://books.google.com/books?The Prize, which is worth Sw Fr 1,000, is awarded annually to the book voted by members of the IAPN as the most deserving, not necessarily from a commercial standpoint. Monarchy, Money & Medals: Coins, Banknotes and Medals from the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen. William Barber was long dead by 1915, but perhaps an unused die? It looks like a marriage medal on one side, or possibly a baptism, and then showing the dates of communion and confirmation on the other. id=UA-BCg AAQBAJ) To read the earlier E-Sylum articles, see: NOTES FROM E-SYLUM READERS: APRIL 7, 2019 : Another Wreath-Wreath Medal Mule (https:// BOOK REVIEWS SOUGHT: ' COINS AND CURRENCY: AN HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA' (https:// On Brummagems, the word was first used for the mass of lightweight counterfeit halfpence and farthing that came out of Birmingham in the 1770s-1790s, and also encompassed the British evasion copper series when those were minted in the 1790s.

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Bids placed via post, email, fax or phone must be received by Friday, April 26, the day before the sale, in order for them to be processed. On the mashas, daniqs, qanhari dirhams and other diminutive coins of India, 600-1100 CE. -Editor Wright & Bale is a good thought that I hadn't considered. Wright & Bale were from the 1830s, giving an 80-year gap. Very little of their output is related to award-type medals.

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