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There’s a second part to this which can expose video too…”The bug can run on any i Phone or i Pad currently using i OS 12.1 or later (or PCs running mac OS Mojave) which contains the Group Face Time feature.Here’s how it works: When you dial a contact’s number in the Face Time app, swipe up from the bottom and tap “Add Person.” Then add your own phone number.

But, as with all such things that involve technology and your extended family, problems will arise when relatives who aren’t the most tech savvy try to join the call and can’t or do and spend the whole time shouting “Where are you? So, to offer some guidance, we wanted to give you a simple cheat sheet to reference when you need to explain things to folks who might not be the most tech savvy. The first is through the Face Time app and the second is through the Messages app. Tap it and you’ll be entered into the call, simple as that.

i OS 12 adds Group Face Time, which allows you to chat with up to 32 people at once on a funky tiled interface. Now, it’s expansive, allowing you to chat with a big group of friends, grandparents, and extended family all at once.

Group Face Time, which is available for use on all Apple devices, is quite simple to use.

Select a name and that person will receive a notification about the ongoing call.

How Do You Apply Effects, Filters, and Animoji into Group Face Time calls?

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