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In many instances, socio-economic efforts designed to ameliorate impacts can take years to be realised.For instance, in 2015, victims of the 2012 flood were yet to receive housing promised to them (Wantu and Akubo ) and illustrate the potentially complex interactions between human and the environment.However, this research differs from previous studies not only in focusing on a new case in Nigeria but in disaggregating articles based on the frames used by actors and not necessarily the framing by reporter/journalists.Thus, we have made a distinction between a media frame by the journalist and the frame used by a policy actor group within a media report.

The study also identified areas of potential consensus and conflict between direct actors such as government and local communities on the one hand and funders on the other.A critical element of current flood management is the importance of engaging key policy actors when policy decisions are to be made.However, there is still only limited understanding of how narratives of flood management actors may influence flood management policies, even though there is a suggestion that actors can strategically use their narratives to influence policy directions.Thus, the poor state of infrastructure in cities is now a major source of worry whenever it rains.The situation is such that residents have not entirely recovered from preceding flooding before another incident occurs.

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Of the research that has been done on the broader spectrum of media and flooding issues, this appears to be the first seeking to tease out difference in key policy actors’ frames.

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