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Even so, Sunny and Felicia are both worried about how the ban might affect business.

Felicia also leads a daytime tour for Red Light District Amsterdam Tours starting in a window room.

City council says the decision is to curb overcrowding in the historic medieval area, but also because, “It is not respectful towards sex workers.

It is no longer of this time to see sex workers as a tourist attraction,” said the deputy mayor in a press statement.

Even though there’s a division on what the new ban means for them, many sex workers agree on developing a law on taking photos of those working in windows.Officials hope that the ban will rein in criminality and boost the economy by revamping the erotic district as an entertainment district.“Amsterdam has this image of the city where you can do everything, you can use drugs, shout, go to a prostitute, all there out in the open,” says Vera Al, the deputy mayor’s spokeswoman, in a phone interview. We are going to be stricter.” That’s no understatement.Tourism in Amsterdam has steadily grown over the recent years, jumping 11 per cent in 2018 to 18.5 million visitors.In the red light district, drinking alcohol on the streets is rampant, albeit illegal, while marijuana, space cakes, and magic mushrooms are tolerated and plentifully available.

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As we’re chatting on mismatched chairs, Karin breaks away often to welcome visitors into the cozy retro space plastered with historic archives.

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