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Although it is hard to sustain a relationship in the crazy world of Hollywood, there have been those celebrity couples whose adorably sweet and authentic real-life romance have just touched the hearts of fans all over the world.Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone definitely stood out in that regard.The two young actors met while making 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man and sparks flew from the get-go.While the film and its subsequent sequel didn't necessarily wow critics or some intense aficionados of the comic book web-slinger, most agreed that Garfield, as Peter Parker,and Stone, as his doomed love Gwen Stacy, created some of the best onscreen chemistry ever.Either stage tons of pics of PDA or shy away from PDA because it lends an air of 'mystery' and makes the fangirls think it's all very super special and 'romantic.'Eh.

Cunanan ended up falling to drugs and going back to David Madson, which lead to the start of his killing spree.

They're about as awkward as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson when it comes to looking like a believable couple.

I just think they are both cute and I like to watch their films. Well, not totally different reasons because there is the fact that all for of them have gay rumors and ping.

Cunanan would often travel from San Diego to Blachford’s Phoenix home. In the book, Orth explained why they gravitated towards each other.

She explains that Blachford was impressed by Cunanan’s knowledge about paintings and architecture.

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Before murdering five people, including Gianni Versace, he was in a relationship with various rich, older guys.

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  1. From its renowned dining scene and romantic restaurants to its majestic monuments, memorials and world-class hotels, Washington, DC has everything that a couple could want in the perfect evening.