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MCGI has been broadcasting via satellite and the internet 24/7 and on television stations from the Philippines to Mexico in different time slots. The Church also has two campuses that give students everything they need to study for free.

Recently, MCGI launched as well its diagnostic center complete with the latest equipment for blood testing, urine testing, etc.

He would walk as far as he could down the ADD Convention Center to see the brethren.) Some, actually, have not seen Bro. Rita, Pampanga, Church member for 44 years After all those years that had passed and great distances away from his birthplace, Bro.

Eli in person, since they were baptized after 2005. And ever since, he was already exercising the essence of being the ‘Overall Servant’ to brethren in the Church.” —Sis. Eliseo Fernando Soriano remains the same loving and caring person he has always been.

They went there hoping that the beloved preacher would still have time during the day to visit them in the farm, and perhaps, get a chance to have a photo with him, see his smile up close, or give a warm hug. Wearing his trademark non-preaching attire: shorts and a shirt (though it was under a jacket as he had the flu that time), and sunglasses to see better under the sun and hide his sleepless eyes, the then 70-year old was soon standing on a plastic chair and telling everyone how the photo sessions could go about. Eli, whispering, then asked: “Has more food been prepared? Eli asked us to gather everyone we can bring to shelter. Eli and said, ‘That one who’s cooking for you; he’s the one.’ They found it difficult to believe but we told them, ‘Yes! Josie Sunga, Guagua, Pampanga, Church member for 49 years “Despite being raised in the Tagalog region — while we are Kapampangan — Bro. And the same goes for him being a preacher of Christ. Eli started broadcasting the words of God on a local radio station in 1980.

While all cheered, a member of the kitchen staff approached Bro. *” The number of brethren that gathered at the farm was more than what was expected, and Bro. So we brought those whom we came across the road with to the Old Central (MCGI’s old convention center). That one who asks if we’re all full, if everyone has already eaten, if we have the things we need. Eli did not mind eating frogs, kamaro (crickets), and clams; he even waded the river of Betis to gather these. (Even then, after delivering a biblical topic on air, he would entertain questions from callers live.) To augment for the expenses of the broadcast, Bro. Eli holds Bible Expositions* in different languages regularly via the internet and satellite.

Ang Dating Daan is known for its straight-forward and frank broadcasting of the Gospel from the Bible, courtesy of Bro. This makes Ang Dating Daan unique among other religious programs in the country and abroad.

Hence, the show’s tagline: “Biblia ang Sasagot, Itanong Mo Kay Soriano” (The Bible Will Answer. However, as fate would have it, he would find the work of Christ thousands of miles away, in a land whose language he did not even know.

Some have even traveled for more than 10 hours by land just to be there and ask Bro. The same went for the delegates gathered at the farm in Brazil, albeit, not to ask Bro.

Eli, but to see him after many years of missing hearing the beloved preacher in person.

Ang Dating Daan is the longest-running religious show that started in the Philippines and is now being broadcast in different countries and in different languages.

Originally a 30-minute radio program in 1980, Ang Dating Daan has progressed today with the inclusion of its interactive segment, Itanong Mo Kay Soriano – a live question-and-answer portion to address the audience’s biblical queries.

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