Aquarius dating a taurus

However, at times she tends to show episodes of stubbornness and sudden outbursts. In a relationship, she is extremely dedicated and supportive and hence, explains how Taurus has the tendency to be Aquarius best love match.An Aquarius woman is very practical and believes and works for her own dreams.Aquarius and Taurus tend to be very opinionated because of which they might enter a conflict.Aquarius and Taurus must hence, remain very careful in arguments.As far as his personality is concerned, he is kind, friendly and very caring.He might appear to be completely indifferent and detached, but in reality, he is very loving.Although Aquarius might never accept it, they would see Taurus’s solid base as very supportive and comforting.Similarly, Taurus would find Aquarius exciting and motivating.

Aquarius loves change and thus, might find Taurus’s way of living boring or outdated.Moreover, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (Karma), and Uranus (Rebellion) and Taurus are ruled by Venus (Love).Venus is associated with warmth and feminine energy and Saturn with cold, masculine energy.On the other hand, a Taurus woman is an independent, strong woman with all the feminine qualities a man looks for in his partner.Compared to other women, she has more emotional courage and moral.

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  1. Muy por el contrario a momentos del pasado, actualmente, no es necesario esconder tus propios deseos eróticos y físicos o tener vergüenza de ellos: nos ofrece la oportunidad a todos de cumplir tus deseos de encontrar una persona capaz de satisfacerlos, aunque sea por una noche.