Are greg james and ellie goulding still dating 2016

She also said to VIBE that she is excited to wear her comfy clothes when she gets into the studio to record instead of her touring, festival or ceremonial clothes.

On the 30th of September 2014, Ellie announced she was back in studio. I’ve done a few songs that I’m really, really happy with. I feel like if I start talking about it now, I’ll put it in my own head and it’ll affect the process. I think it’s easy to do something new and crazy, but I don’t really overthink it when I get in the studio.

But then also I’ve been adopted into the Max Martin camp and I love them all dearly." "I want to make songs that people believe in , to be the soundtrack to someone's something.

But I’m certainly taking on something a lot bigger than I have before and sonically it’s a lot bigger.

I feel like there were maybe certain restrictions on the last album.

All I’d like to say really is that I’m really happy and excited about the direction of the album". In a July interview with Billboard Ellie confirmed that her new album will be “definitely bigger” "I don’t really know why this word seems appropriate but it’s definitely bigger.

Ellie has made a soundtrack single for the Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack and the track is called: "Love Me Like You Do". Whether that means it’s more adventurous, or a bit more ambitious, or a bit more daring, I don’t know.

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Along with the interview, she also revealed that the album is expected to be due by November.

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