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It would have also been useful to have asked whether respondents had used an online dating service in the past two years as well as whether they had ever As noted earlier, it's clear that millennials are turning to the Internet to find companionship more than previous generations.

Several online dating services  promote the idea that you are more likely to find a well-matched partner online because you have a wider pool of people to choose from and the service's analytics filter the pool to find those who best fit your personality. If that's the case, we might expect to see millennials enjoying a lower divorce rate and a higher incidence of successful marriages than either their parents or grandparents.

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With online dating sites and mobile dating apps we can even get someone to spend time with after Uber drops us off. Not only are these young adults most likely to make use of online dating services, their increase in interest in online dating from 2013 to 2015 dwarfs that of all the other groups.

It started with a small group of scientists and now it's . Younger millennials are also the only group in the survey that favored mobile apps over even though they also used online dating sites more than any other group.

Now we can get almost anything that ships in a box, digital entertainment like music and movies, places to stay with Airbnb, and Uber rides to wherever we want to go. A striking feature of this data is how different younger millennials (those aged 18 to 24) are from everyone else. Care must be taken when reading the graph, however, because several of the apparent increases may fall within the combined margins of error of the two surveys.Younger millennials are also the only group in the survey that favored mobile apps over even though they also used online dating sites more than any other group.These increases stand in marked contrast to the older millennials (those aged 25 to 34) who look like their grandparents in showing no increase in their use because they are more likely to be entering into long-term relationships than those in the other age groups.This idea is supported by data from the US Census Bureau that indicate the median age for first marriage in the US in 2015 was approximately 28.

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