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However, keen not to cannibalise sales of its commercial product, AVG has warned that users should still surf cautiously, as the free package does not include the sandboxing feature that tests out unknown code in a secure environment.The free version also comes with no entitlement to technical support, and - in the package's only conspicuous piece of pushiness - the optional web toolbar includes a Yahoo!This fake scanner will then prompt you to download and install AVG Anti-Virus 2011 on to your computer in order to protect it.It should be noted that these fake online scanners are just an advertisement that have absolutely no way of knowing what is running on your computer.

Despite some messages to the contrary, AVG 7.5 End of Support date is .For questions about the Handbook contents, you can contact the Schools Publications staff at: [email protected] Antivirus Free Edition 8.0 incorporates a new Link Scanner feature and sees a major revision of the user interface.When we tested AVG 8 against a selection of contemporary malware, it identified 22 out of 28 threats, while the A-Listed Kaspersky Antivirus 7 spotted 24.Naturally, the free version doesn't have all the commercial product's features.

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AVG Antivirus Free Edition 8.0 is less intrusive than its free competitor Avira Antivir and certainly more usable than its previous incarnation.

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