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One of the most frequently heard dilemmas is trying to figure out which ones to attend.

To that end, Seth wrote “A Plain English Guide To Our ‘Broadcasters Meet Podcasters” Track at Podcast Movement.” It's an excellent one-stop-shop to get a feel for our agenda during our three day track, complete with a guide on who would benefit from each session.

Dave Beasing – CEO of Sound That Brands (and co-producer of the “Inside Trader Joe's” podcast with Amplifi Media's Steve Goldstein) will moderate this great session.

His panelists are Lucas Hendrickson (host of Jack Daniel's “Around the Barrel” podcast), Andy Kelly (i Heart's SVP of Brand Innovation), Steve Pratt (Pacific Content), Doug Smith (e Bay's Community Content Manager), and Matty Staudt (President of newly minted Jam Street Media). He is authentic, honest, and generous with his comments and observations.

But in the podcasting arena, this type of evaluation is virtually non-existent.

So, I'm conducting a live, on stage focus group of listeners to “Stacking Benjamin,” a lighthearted podcast about money, produced by Joe Saul-Sehy.

From producers to hosts to digital execs to attorneys to those who run podcasting companies, we're hoping to provide mentoring to Podcast Movement and Broadcasters Meet Podcasters attendees.

This year in our AQ2 talent-on-talent study, we're learning that about a third of commercial radio air personalities here in the U. And on one chart is a key reason why we're producing “Broadcasters Meet Podcasters.” There's a lot of learning to be done.This panel is being moderated by the sage Steve Goldstein, CEO of Amplifi Media.He'll be joined by Rachel Batish (Audioburst), James Derby (Federated Media), Bret Kinsella (Voicebot.ai), and Will Mayo (Spoken Layer). Paul gets to interview the guy who's the executive producer of podcasts and audio for NBC News and MSNBC. These networks have been ahead of the curve in the podcasting space, and Steve oversees these productions hosted by well-known anchors like Chris Hayes, and others who have the desire to branch out into on-demand audio.With executive roles in podcasting at NPR in the early days, and then Amazon's Audible, he's watched the medium come together on some of the biggest stages.Eric always has spot-on observations, and we're proud to have him as one of our keynoters.

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On the other hand, Patti’s other client doesn’t know when to hold back and keep his mouth shut.

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