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If you use birth control methods like the pill, ensure you’ve brought along your own supply as there aren’t many options here.

If you’re a woman travelling or walking around on her own, or are noticeably a foreigner, you’re going to get LOTS of attention.

In fact, in Sri Lanka (mostly Colombo), things are a lot more relaxed and casual dating is absolutely common.

If you’re a foreigner navigating the murky waters of the sunny island’s dating pool, or just a tourist couple here for a bit of romance, there are a few things you should know in advance so you can err on the side of caution.

Whether you’ve matched on Tinder, meeting someone at a bar or just been introduced to them, the chances are they’re related to, colleagues of or former lovers of a whole bunch of people you have met or will meet in the future.

Despite its cosmopolitan sheen, Sri Lanka is still quite a conservative place, and like it or not, people are pretty judgemental of women (and increasingly, men) who have dated quite a few people they know of. At both local and international schools, sex is taught (if at all) as a clinical component of a biology lesson.

It’s not difficult to form a quick and casual observation that women don’t generally make the first move on this island nation.

It’s a fairly (or rather, unfairly) entrenched patriarchal society, and men are used to having to doggedly approach women to get a date, phone number or conversation.

If you’re at a nice bar, restaurant, private hotel or resort beach, of course a bit of romancing won’t be remiss.

Do your research before you embark on your trip, and have a strong idea of what you and your partner have in mind, as you’ll be spoilt for choice and overwhelmed by options once you arrive.

Pre-packaged tours tend to be a little pricey and impersonal, so you may want to craft your own plans instead.

If you’re travelling in Sri Lanka as an LGBTQ couple, you won’t have problems getting hotel bookings or going out for drinks or a meal, but be wary of too much conversation around it.

Most couples in Sri Lanka meet via friends or family.

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