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After a sea battle, newly-appointed Dutch governor Jan Pieterszoon Coen escaped to the Moluccas to seek support; the Dutch had taken over the first of the Portuguese forts there in 1605.Dutch garrison commander Pieter van den Broecke and five other men were arrested during negotiations, since Jayawikarta believed that he had been deceived by the Dutch.The Dutch established a closer relationship with Banten and assumed control of the port, which became the regional Dutch center of power.The region which became Batavia came under Dutch control in 1619, initially as an expansion of the original Dutch fort and a new building on the ruins of the former Jayakarta.The Dutch government granted the Dutch East India Company a monopoly on Asian trade in 1602.A year later, the first permanent Dutch trading post in Indonesia was established in Bantam, West Java.

To safeguard their commercial interests, the company and the colonial administration absorbed surrounding territory.Batavia is on the north coast of Java, in a sheltered bay, on a land of marshland and hills crisscrossed with canals.The city had two centers: Oud Batavia (the oldest part of the city) and the relatively-newer city, on higher ground to the south.Coen decided to expand the original fort into a larger fortress on 2 July 1619, and sent plans for Batavia Castle to the Netherlands on 7 October of that year.The castle was larger than the previous one, with two northern bastions protecting it from a maritime attack.

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in the city's Malay vernacular, was the capital of the Dutch East Indies.

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