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He knows her likes and dislikes, her interests and her expertise. No more three-minute encounters followed by the guy asking if she had enjoyed it.

Now she gets to ask for what she wants — no judgements — however bizarre others might see her requests.

Decided yesterday I was going to write a bit about sex robots.

Manufacturers would also like to see sexbots in prisons, to reduce rapes and tension between inmates.Apparently, Samantha is cold to the touch to preserve her batteries, but heats up when called for. Squire didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. As sex advice columnist Dan Savage Who will be the first to make a sexbot that looks like, say, a Porsche Cayman or a Gucci clutch? However, like Abyss Creations' next-generation Real Doll, she's so that she can chat, as well as merely perform."It can help people enhance their relationships," Squire told the ITV hosts. All sorts of unexpected dynamics, and, well, emotional issues, could arise as we enter the age of sex robots pitched not only as faux human lovers, but as companions. Some people, though, might think this all a touch twisted. There's no limit to the human imagination, after all. Even with the rather crude models that are available today, there is a market for sexbots.There are already all-robot brothels in Italy, France, Japan, Britain and other countries.

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Porn programming was also an early driver of Cable TV traffic, and it produced the first commercially viable web sites.

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