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You see them everywhere, foraging on Highway 1, and in the fields.

It’s really interesting that they’re amongst other human development,” says Knight.

So far, her work has caught the eye of city planners.

Most successful heron colonies nest within five kilometers of foraging sites.

You have the chance to meet singles in a playful way in a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s a more realistic message than the thesis that humans will always destroy nature, and that cities always pose a major risk to animals. On April 2018 Slow Dating Vienna hosted a silent dating for the very first time in Vienna. Big channels of communication also talked about the unusual event in the city (see what the media says).This kick-off event, was conducted by the amazing Adam Wilder, the founder of Unlike other events the program is focused on giving you many possibilities to interact with other singles.If you’ve ever been to downtown Vancouver’s False Creek, you’ve likely seen them: tall gray-blue birds stalking in the shallows.To see them in the air, they seem impossible, their long bodies and s-curved necks borne aloft on giant wings.

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