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Many of Dice's supporters whom he shunned during his anti-Alex Jones period for questioning him have since vented their anger at Dice on his Facebook page and You Tube channel.

Dice previously hosted his own short-lived radio show, John Conner's Resistance Radio, when he went under the pseudonym John Conner. Dice has also posted videos on his You Tube channel with clickbait titles, purporting to show the ignorance of the average American but in reality just a flamboyant display of nutpicking and confirmation bias.

Later, he decided to make a book named The Resistance Manifesto under the alias name of John Conner and liked the nickname Mark Dice because everyone he came across had no clue how to pronounce his last name correctly, who knew that later, everyone would know him by that nickname?

Satanic homosexuals and the recruitment of homosexual behavior and the novelty of it are dangerous poisons that have been spreading.

He has continued conducting his man-on-the-street interviews in San Diego, making fun of the zombies who oppose Trump, support Bernie Sanders and who believe in transgender rights.

Dice has also repeatedly attacked the Black Lives Matter movement, accusing it of promoting violence against whites.

He has also written Causing Trouble: High School Pranks, College Craziness and Moving To California, The Illuminati In The Music Industry and Inside The Illuminati, and you must buy all these books, or else you're a brain-dead zombie.

The antidote is the Word, which is mocked by many sick with the toxicity of homosexuality and blind by the denial of their illness.

The celebration of homosexuality and other forms of perverted sexual behavior is so reprehensible that it often defies the conceptual framework of understanding just how far-reaching their effects are.

Dice is also a strong sufferer of persecution complex.

He believes that Christianity is the Illuminati's prime enemy, and as a result, "true" Christians all over America and the world are being persecuted.

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