Brooklyn decker who is she dating

Happens to the best of us after having babies," one woman wrote."Omg! I don’t care who you are, not ok to say this to you!! The "Grace and Frankie" star had a cheeky response."I FELT THIS.

every day I feel like a bag of bones 84 lbs at 24 years old is not cute," another mom revealed."Did it ever change?!

Tiff’s reached out to us to do some ads last year and we said “instead of paying us.

It turns out there are major benefits to having dads on board when it comes to PTA groups.

Brooklyn Decker is an American actress and model best known for appearing in the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’ in 2010.

She is also recognized as the wife of former tennis player Andy Roddick.

Here’s a little story about @tiffstreats Many moons ago, when I was first in Austin, I would go eat cookies after long nights at the bar…

cut to 8 years later and they’re sitting in my hospital room as I deliver my babes.

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