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She is portrayed by Casey La Bow in the movie adaptations of Breaking Dawn.Kate was an attendant—basically a bodyguard—to a highborn female of a warlike Slavic tribe.Sasha was so impressed by Kate's courage and determination to defend the caravan and the physical resemblance she had to Tanya that she changed her into a vampire. Her defensive power began to develop within a decade.Later, Sasha invited Irina into the family, and they all saw Sasha as their mother.However, when Aro sees his own destruction in the vision, he talks his coven into leaving in peace, with another vampire-human hybrid's testimony to help.

She agrees to help Bella on condition that she wouldn't break her radius, due to Bella's phenomenal strength.

Kate and her sisters sought out the company of different men, human or vampire, to distract their minds from the pain of their lost mother.

The human relationships never lasted long, since they always fed on the men shortly after, but the losses of some of the men they grew fond of made the girls remorseful of their actions.

Her beauty is enchanting that any human or vampire could be easily mesmerized by her appearance.

Because of this, she, along with Irina and Tanya, is the originator of the legend of "succubus".

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