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Social media has vaporized the line between fandom and friendship.And what make Lively fascinating is that she feels like an acquaintance.And earlier this year, Lively posted a photo of her butt on Instagram with the caption "L. face with an Oakland booty," a reference to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s derriere paean "Baby Got Back." Mix-a-Lot himself has explained that the lyric is a comment on beauty, that LA is supposed to mean Hollywood or a heavily made-up face, whereas an Oakland booty is authentic and real.It’s a safe bet that Lively interpreted the line differently, and believed she was saying she has the face of a white woman and the butt of a woman of color.In the MTV piece quoted above, Bugbee describes Lively as "pleasant blankness." And Dlisted, a celebrity snark site, once referred to Lively as "a tepid lump of cream of wheat." Even her controversies are harmless.In 2014, Lively created a (now defunct) lifestyle brand called Preserve."They wake up in the morning and they put clothes on themselves." Blake Lively is an everyman.

This is why people irrationally idolize and empathize with cool girls like Brie Larson (and Jennifer Lawrence before her).

More so than in the past, today’s film, music, and TV celebrities are overwhelmingly accessible.

They used to separate their personal and professional lives, to keep their thoughts and viewpoints largely to themselves while revealing only a small portion of themselves in public.

In a recent article for MTV, Teo Bugbee runs down Lively’s many failures, noting their inability to fell the movie star: Nothing can kill Blake Lively — not bad reviews, not bad box office numbers, not her lifestyle brand collapsing, not clueless comments about her Oakland booty, and not even Lively skeptic Megan Ellison, who dropped out as a financier on Steven Soderbergh’s Lively is bulletproof. Lively is the perfect diamond: beautiful, soulless, something to behold.

The story of Blake Lively is a story of innocuous blankness.

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