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In this section we are going to take a detailed look at the law surrounding internet sex crimes involving chat rooms and social media, and then discuss available defenses and what Grabel & Associates can do to help you achieve a favorable outcome.

MCL 750.145d(1)(a) is the law that governs internet sex crimes related to soliciting minors.

Consequently, it is imperative that you capitalize on your opportunity to present the best legal defense that you are capable of assembling before the proverbial gavel sounds.

Additionally, recruiting, inducing, or soliciting a minor is illegal under this statute and MCL 750.145c.We understand how to build a strong defense for our clients in matters related to online solicitation of a minor offenses in Wisconsin.We work with computer experts who can evaluate evidence presented by the prosecution.Our internet chat room defense attorneys have been specializing in sex crimes for more than 19 years and have the experience, talent, and legal knowledge to win a favorable outcome in your case.Internet sex crimes are felonies that have serious prison sentences and require a person convicted to register as a sexual offender under the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA).

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