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Pathogenic parenting is such that the parent’s approach is so aberrant that it creates in the child psychopathology, that can be transient, or, if not intervened, chronic and longstanding and develop into a personality disorder as well.

It has been clearly documented that parental alienation occurs in families in which one (sometimes both) parents have a personality disorder, typically that of the borderline and/or narcissistic types.

In this way, the manner in which you were parented becomes an integral part of how you will navigate love in adulthood," La Pointe explains.

Thus, how expressive and attentive your parents are during your childhood will reflect how open you are in future relationships.

When a child shows signs of alienation, there is always a perpetrator lurking.

There's no grasp of consequence or implications of your actions or how the choices of someone else might affect you.

Remember, people listen to a narcissist; they believe him, mostly out of fear. Why be Vigilant There are very few things worse than when a parent is shut out.

In fact, parental alienation is not for family court, although that is how it is handled; instead, it is child abuse.

And, as noted earlier, this can happen even when that parent has limited access to the children; that is how vitreous the sick parent can be.So in order for the child to not have to face their own pain regarding their targeted parent, they shut that out and turn away. While conflicted, its much easier for them to not face themselves, even into adulthood, and stay away.A Few Do’s and Don’ts If you suspect at all that your soon to be ex-spouse or current spouse, has any degree of a personality disorder mentioned about, be cautious.When it comes to your relationship with your parents, the childhood inability to comprehend how the emotions and actions of your parents affect your own behavior is predictably inept.It's not until you reach adulthood that a person can formulate even a sheer understanding of the complexities of relationships, beginning with the connection between parent and child.

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