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Chris and Gwen were high school sweethearts and US Weekly reported that the distance played a role in the divorce, since hosting The Bachelor and The Bachelorette required Harrison to be in production all over the world for several months a year.

But the rumors were never really addressed, which is why no major conclusion got drawn regarding the nature of their connection.

that life experience definitely helps me, but watching the show and watching all of this unfold over 17 years has definitely made me a different man as far as love, romance, commitment, communication — a lot of aspects of relationships — it made me realize it’s next to impossible so I’ve quit.

I’ve given up.”Chris Harrison was in an 18-year marriage with his ex-wife Gwen, but the two split in 2012; they have two children together.

Evans and Slate started to date in 2016 and noticed everywhere while at dinner dates, partying and traveling.

There were rumors of their split in early 2017 but they continued to date till 2018.

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, is one heck of a man when it comes to being someone who has tasted success at a relatively young age.

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