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It is only then that we are on the front line of mortality,” said Debra J.

Umberson, professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and author of the book “Death of a Parent: Transition to a New Adult Identity.” “This gives us a very different perspective on our own lifespans and where we fit in terms of generations.”David Kessler, founder of and co-author with Dr.

“We think a parent ideally will enrich us but some people do have parents that diminish them,” Kessler said. “The reality is you are swept up in the busy-ness and then in about three months to a year it really hits…

Take a psychological inventory Safer advised taking some time to think about your parent’s legacy, and your own: “Four questions to ask yourself about your parent’s character are: ‘What did I get from my parent that I want to keep? And it’s usually about that time where their support has moved on,” Kessler said.

While the issues can overlap in many ways- abandonment, jealousy and resentment and deep nostalgia; with divorce there are divided loyalties and in death there is bereavement and a desire to protect/honor the deceased parent’s memory.

DIVORCE In either situation, your children will be uncomfortable with you and your new love hanging all over each other.

We asked experts to share their insights and experiences, as well as advice on managing the pain, and how to emerge enlightened during this challenging time. it’s hard“We tend to think of ourselves as ‘children’ until we lose our parents.“We have a primal need for our grief to be witnessed.Our psyche doesn’t want us to be an island of grief.Kessler pointed to an example of a client who was grieving his abusive father’s death.But as time passed, the man felt a safety in the world he hadn’t felt before. ’”“What you didn’t get but needed, go out and get from other people or yourself,” Safer added. then a lifetime When you lose your parent as an adult, there’s often much to do, such as contacting relatives, planning the memorial and funeral and sorting through possessions.

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So when a parent dies, it is your anchor being taken away,” Kessler said.

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