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As the The Lipstick Project points out, it can free up more room to help you figure out how dating can fit into your life, while communicate those expectations to your dates.Busyness has become a rite of passage among modern professionals.

Group dates have benefits in addition to saving you time.Babble’s Krishann Briscoe suggests ideas for group first date nights including skating, miniature golf, wine tasting, a concert, or a cooking class. If you don’t have time for long dinner dates, then small lunches, walks, coffee dates, and shopping might have to do, says Verily co-founder Kara Eschbach. Meet someone while getting something done – it can be a good compromise if it works for both people.When the person you’re dating is also a busy professional, he or she will understand your struggles and might also benefit from this model.Just like everyone else I know, a good game of mini golf does something for one's soul.It's a simple yet complex game that requires skill, patience, and a lot of luck.

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