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Other than the nostalgic reminiscences of an older generation (much of it irrelevant to the busy day-to-day concerns of their children and grand-children) their Indian past has all but faded into oblivion.

In India, the Community are indistinguishable from their Indian friends and neighbours.

The 1950s and 1960s saw a steady stream of departures as about 150,000 Anglo-Indians, seeking wider horizons and better job prospects, emigrated to Australia, Britain, Canada, the U. Anglo Indian men have been portrayed as feckless idlers; the women as promiscuous sirens. They point out that the number of notable people within its ranks has been disproportionate to the size of this small Community in the services (military and airforce brass), the civil administration, the arena of arts and entertainment and in the field of athletics.

Over the past few decades, however, doctoral studies in Australia, the U. While Anglo-Indian women once followed the traditional occupations of nursing, teaching and secretarial work, they are now active in professional fields: medicine, law, and accountancy.

Indian history spans more than 4,500 years and is a pluralistic, multilingual, and multi-ethnic society.

Although English remains their first language, they speak the local vernacular with ease and fluency.

Indian men are intelligent, decent and caring, loyal and tolerant and are usually not afraid to express emotions, in comparison to many Western men.

Dating is a new concept for the Indian cultural scene as many marriages are still arranged by the parents in this hierarchical society.

Consequently the officers, ensigns and clerks of the Company were encouraged to marry local Indian women and their children carried no stigma of mixed blood in those far-off days.

Later, however, with the construction of the Suez Canal in the 19th century, the travel time between the two countries was greatly reduced and women no longer hesitated to sally forth from England to join husbands or seek marriage prospects among British army and the civil service officers.

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