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She more or less said, "one of the things I can't stand about dating nowadays is not having all the cards on the table and I only want one card on the table at a time, what do you think?'"I agree, but you didn't touch on how I could address if I'm not the one doing multiple dating at the same time.One way we do this is by blaming others and their actions for how we are feeling.However, rather than blaming your partner or letting them blame you, recognise that jealousy is a sign that you need to talk with them about what’s happening.But you can’t force someone to accept, and be happy about, something they really don’t like.Don’t do anything you aren’t sure that both of you are okay with.Here are some ideas for when you first start dating someone, but you’re not sure you’re ready for an exclusive relationship: Our actions affect others Think about how your actions or choices – particularly your sexual choices – will affect your partner and the other person involved.

If you’re dating someone, and you haven’t talked about the rules of engagement (including how exclusive you will be), don’t assume that they’ll be okay with you dating someone else at the same time. Not knowing whether it’s okay with your partner, or hiding what you’re up to, is a recipe for emotional disaster for everyone involved.

It’s important to protect your partner’s and your own emotional health and wellbeing before anything else.

Always be respectful of others’ feelings and choices If you’re not sure of how someone feels about you, ask them. If someone loves you, then they will want for you to be happy.

It’s not uncommon to be attracted to more than one person at the same time.

But whether or not you act on those feelings won’t only affect you.

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