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The identical numbers on the figurines indicate they are part of series.In addition to the two styles that you own, I found two additional figures with the same numbera young girl playing golf and a young boy baseball player.There were five division finals with each winner receiving a 0 wardrobe, a trip to New York, and an audition with a record company. There are several lapel pin variations, including Club member and the Talentsville Participant pin.Given the number of individuals who participated in these clubs, the survival rate for Hi Fi Club memorabilia is high. Your Talentsville Participant lapel pin in near mint condition has a value between .00 and .00.

Sponsorship was open to any group whose aim was to promote a positive teenage experience. Dances featured a DJ who received The Monthly Disc Jockey Package which contained an Around the World Hit Parade record, cuts to be used for contests, musical theme suggestions, popular records, and recorded interviews.The companies reflected on this page are those that come from my personal collection; therefore the list is limited.However, I will add each manufacturer as I acquire new pieces.Cute shelf/table sitters are the best way of describing the companys products, especially the wide variety of Christmas and other holiday collectibles and figurines.National Potteries used a variety of marks A Napco Collection, Napco originals by Giftware, Napcoware, National Potteries Co., Cleveland, OH, Made in Japan, or Napcoware, Import Japan. Napco purchased INARCO (International Art Ware Corporation, founded by Irwin Gurber in 1960 and located in Cleveland) in 1986 and moved its corporate headquarters to Jacksonville, Florida.

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Encouraged by the rapid growth of the Hi-Fi Clubs, Coca-Cola added a nationwide talent contest, Talentsville, USA, in 1960.

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