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This is a great resource to work on your feelings at your own speed and from the comfort of your own home. Sign up is simple and can quickly lead to dating/relationship guidance that can make a huge difference.#2 Know Her Priorities When getting to know the woman you are considering dating, ask her about what is important in her life?Of course, everyone has their preferences or in many cases people have found women with children come to the relationship with certain qualities that are real assets to sustaining a healthy relationship, like balancing and prioritizing life. #1 Recognize That Dating A Woman with Children Can Be Different Than Dating A Person Without Children Dating a woman with children may be very similar to dating anyone else in some ways however it should be acknowledged that a woman with children will have other priorities.Understanding that her children may likely have needs that will be a higher priority than the relationship is very important.When you two want "alone time"; She will need some advanced notice and it will be great to work together to prepare to make sure all of the bases are covered.

Personally I think alot of parents with unruly kids go out of thier way to attach some diagnosis to thier kids behavior. Kids are kids and supposed to behave as such; only that somebody has to take responsibility and raise them right instead of stuffing them with pills.The only good thing about it was that she didn't live with us. My question, would that type of child be a reason for you to walk away from a relationship? But when we're visiting my wife's cousing or a friend of my wife's she totally changes 100% and listens to what I tell her.I just hoped she'd grow out of it or something, and if she didn't we'd cross that bridge if and when we got to it. Like I saud, it's all how you raise them and the results show in the end. Did her mother drag her around with her everywhere?I probably wouldn't even enter a relationship involving young children if they are in town and custody is shared.Of course, it depends somewhat on how things are being handled, how big the involvement is, and how much the ex is in the picture, but it's pretty unlikely to be a satisfying for me situation. You know, different parenting styles are the source of a great deal of stress in marriage.

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