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Borderline disorder is not an actual mental illness that cripples them or makes them unrecognizable, but it must be cured, and mostly through love. It will break their heart and you won’t achieve anything with revenge. They might change their minds and hate you for no reason, but try not to answer them with hate. ” and it will inevitably mess with their self-perception as caring people. Their love is worshipping you and trying to destroy borders.

Give them love they never received as kids, be positive they will achieve goals in career and personal relationships, assure them you have a little more sense of what’s right and guide them through their bumps. If they want a divorce for no visible reason, just hug them closer until they feel loved and safe. Realize that the reason might be an inability to see what you see in a certain situation. Just realize it’s their specialty and wait till the water gets clear. Also, your BPD partner might be suicidal, so it’s the way to attach you to them, but don’t feel guilty and serve their whims. Although it sounds flattering, borderliners choose an ultimate person to be a parent, a sibling, a lover and a friend for them.

Dating someone with BPD means you need to be everything for your partner, as they rely on you like on air, because they have a foul sense of oneness and you truly mean the whole world to them.

BPD people are very clingy and bossy because they don’t see borders.

Don’t blame it on your cold-heartedness, you better understand and hear out your partner, so that both of you can relieve from pain and grudges and walk towards a brighter future together!

Want it or not, they will never leave you, it’s just a façade. It can be a matter of genetics, or criticizing parents, tyrants, abusers and always arguing family members.

It can be expressed through the low level of neuromediators, such as serotonin and dopamine.

Dating someone with borderline personality disorder is complicated and not rewarding. And, most importantly, how to deal with someone with BPD? People can trace their impulsiveness, but it doesn’t help much as they are driven by the fear of loneliness and all-time rejection.

Some of us who have been in these relationships would even call it a burden that left a mark on the psyche. Why do people with BPD often feel lonely and uncomfortable in their own body? Borderline personality disorder, or as they call it BPD, is a complex alteration of human psyche which makes a person who experiences it feel a lot of emotions. They might feel sad and lonely, loving and passionate, or almost indifferent all in one day. Those who experience BPD are unstable both physically and emotionally, they have a blurry self-esteem and muted self-perception.

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Basically, they are children – demanding and sincere.

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