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She tells the story of when her son, Ryan, was a toddler and invited a group of tourists into their home.Jones also notes that fans often assumed David was her real-life son (Jones was actually his stepmother), causing his birth mother, Evelyn Ward, a great deal of pain.7. “By then, she and David had grown apart, and nowadays they are completely out of touch, which hurts David tremendously,” Jones writes.

“She wouldn’t listen to my advice to stay away from David, and I found myself warning her over and over against getting involved with him,” Jones writes.5.Jones loved some guest stars, but not others.“One of the joys of working on was the guest stars,” Jones writes.When Farrah Fawcett joined an episode “everyone noticed what a great looker she was and predicted she would go on to be a big star,” Jones says.It's not the reason that I write or I produce or anything else." THAT OTHER MOVIE: "The David Cassidy Story" is the second TV movie this season to look back at "The Partridge Family." ABC aired "C'mon Get Happy" -- which portrayed Cassidy as rather petulant, difficult and whiny -- back on Halloween. "My brother Shaun called me and said, 'I could only watch about a half an hour.' He said it was so incredibly bad. "It was done totally as a commercial network ratings attempt to steal the thunder from NBC.I think they felt that had the legitimacy of having Danny Bonaduce be a part of it," he said.

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