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To ensure the best fit, the application looks into a wide range of personal details including appearance, accommodation, employment, hobbies, politics, family, and dating criteria.The team wants to know everything from what books you read to what kind of car you drive.Alex told us the company doesn’t try to sell its service to singles who don’t need or want it.They’re interested in helping clients find the way that works best for their dating styles.“Some people get addicted to the dopamine of always meeting someone new online,” Alex told us. You’re just going to get a sore thumb.” Select Personal Introductions has slightly more female members because women tend to be more proactive in their love lives, according to Alex.

If you want more than a casual, surface relationship, Alex maintained that online dating might not work for you, and a professional dating agency, like Select Personal Introductions, is the way to go.Alex Mellor-Brooke, Business and Development Manager at Select Personal Introductions, told us this selective agency only serves quality singles in certain areas of the UK.Based on two decades’ worth of professional experience, the team makes realistic match suggestions, gives individualized dating advice, and helps relationship-oriented clients get out of their own way in the dating scene.She thought it was a surefire match, but Janet resisted because the man was two years older than her preferred age range.Eventually, Jackie persuaded the single woman to look beyond her preconceptions and give the guy a chance.

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“Thanks so much for chatting with me and running through his information so thoroughly — he is really special.” The Select Personal Introductions team members pride themselves on working closely with clients and offering personalized guidance throughout the dating process.

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