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Vertebrates, less severely affected by the extinction than invertebrates, diversified progressively throughout the Triassic.

The Triassic terrestrial environment was dominated by the therapsids, sometimes referred to as “mammal-like reptiles,” and the thecodonts, ancestors of dinosaurs and crocodiles, both of which appeared during the Late Triassic.

By the Late Jurassic, Africa had started to split off from South America, and Australia and Antarctica had separated from India (marine sediments accumulated in large linear troughs along their margins.

Ocean basin deposits of Jurassic age are found today in the circum-Pacific region, along the coasts of eastern North America and the Gulf of Mexico, and on the margins of Eurasia and Gondwana (that is, along the northern and southern boundaries of the Tethys Sea).mountain building (orogeny) began on the western margins of both North and South America and between the separating fragments of Gondwana.

(.) The major divisions of the Mesozoic Era are, from oldest to youngest, the Triassic Period, the Jurassic Period, and the Cretaceous Period.

The ancestors of major plant and animal groups that exist today first appeared during the Mesozoic, but this era is best known as the time of the dinosaurs.

Two of the largest volcanic events in Earth’s history occurred during the Mesozoic.When rifting had sufficiently progressed, oceanic spreading centres formed between the landmasses.During the Middle Jurassic, North America began pulling apart from Eurasia and Gondwana.A last major transgression of marine waters flooded large segments of all the continents later in the Cretaceous.These sharp rises in sea level and resultant worldwide flooding are thought to have had two causes.

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The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, a huge volume of basalt, was created at the end of the Triassic during the initial rifting of Pangea.

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