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Enterprise job scheduling (or as it now often called Workload automation ) is the execution of a series of computer jobs/scripts with additional feedback about the results and ability to resubmit failed jobs, launch jobs in selected sequence depending of previous job ended, etc.

Enterprise job schedulers typically provide a graphical user interface and a central console for managing job streams and monitoring of job execution on remote servers including centralized viewing of remote job logs.

Badly scheduled backup oven overflow to the beginning of the next day and create network bottlenecks.Enterprise class schedulers also should be capable of launching jobs on event(s) occurrence, not only based on calendaring functions.For example they should be capable to launch job on file creation, deletion, etc.The latter is just a hidden transfer of files from remote server to the "mothership" achievable via SSH, but still is the functionality that is valued greatly in enterprise environment. All other functions are already implemented on a very high quality level.Actually Rocks Cluster Distribution that comes with SGE can be used as "mini-datacenter" outside cluster applications. But this is quite another topic (see Hybrid Cloud ).

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