Feeling rejected online dating

You definitely do not someone who's harassing you a gentle rejection.

However, in most cases, letting someone down easy is the best policy.

“Social rejection and physical pain are similar not only in that they are both distressing, they share a common representation in somatosensory brain systems as well,” the study’s authors wrote.

“Either way, if you have an opportunity to take the high road and send a message back to someone who took the time to look at your profile and wrote a nice message to you, you should do so.” Again, that's unless they are making you feel uncomfortable. While these messages will need to be catered to your own situation’s specifics, the key here is that the emphasis is on being a mismatch, rather than a rejection of them as a person.

“Rejection sucks, and to let someone know you aren’t interested because of distance, activity level, or age, it’s an easy out, allows you to take the high road, and doesn’t put the person getting rejected down,” explains Spira Letting someone down on a dating app doesn’t have to be that complicated, although Spira says there are a few things to steer clear of.

Of course, whenever possible, Spira recommends to be the change you want to see in the world and not ghost.

“If you’ve been chatting for a while, even talked on the phone, and decided not to meet, your first instinct is to ghost the person and move on to another potential date, but no one wants to get ghosted," she stresses.

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Although they may look great online, they could be completely different in person. So don’t allow yourself to dream up a happily ever after off a picture. Don’t allow the rejection to make you fearful of putting yourself out there.

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