Friend dating ex husband

Regardless, a "best friend" would have YOUR back, not your ex's.

Let's be real here though -- we know this "best friend" is not concerned with being sympathetic to your ex because he is in need and she is so empathatic; she is acting selfishly and putting her wants first, with ZERO regard for the impact on you. And whatever the result, remember SHE is the one who caused this by taking these "non-best friend" actions; you are just the one who finally addressed the elephant in the room. I guess what I meant by having "no right" would only apply to a true best friend.

We saw each other less and less because she felt awkward inviting me.

A year after, at a community orchestra reception we played in together, she said that they decided to see if there was anything there. We even have a "couples" tattoo, an elephant on our wrists that face one another when our wrists touch.

Most people I have confided in leave me at the shock part. I literally cried for days thinking my life is a Friends episode.. Clearly your friend did something really scummy, but she should be allowed to date him because they are adults and may have something special.

However, those are my feelings, just as they are yours.I would like to try to keep what we had as friends.As time went on, I realized that she maybe said she wanted those things too so that she could tell others I was ok with it and that she all; that is not acting how a "best friend" would act.It may or may not be "your fault" that the marriage ended; you may or may not deserve sympathy.

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