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Making the other person aware straight away doesn’t just tell them a bit about what they can expect from you. You’ll feel less inhibited and less pressured to pretend to be extroverted.When you’re shy, setting really counts when it comes to dating.You can’t simply rely on your date to keep the conversation flowing all by himself though, but don’t worry.It’s easier to keep things flowing than you realize.

As a result, straight guys often gab with us about the stuff girls do that cost them a call back.

Even the coolest, most confident guy occasionally has trouble reading signals or mustering up the gumption to approach someone that really makes him weak in the knees.

Show less It goes without saying that dating as a gay man can be tricky at best.

One time, I ran into one of my girlfriend’s dates, and I asked him why he didn’t text my friend back.

He told me my friend was a bad listener, interrupted him a lot and he couldn’t a word in. Ask open-ended questions and when all else fails try, “tell me more about that.” It works like a charm.

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On the flip side, adopting passive postures like slouching can cause your brain to release hormones related to anxiety instead.

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