Greeks dating non greeks

However, I am happy taht I did not get too serious w/him...before it was too late!

My Theta sisters were extremely shocked at how unresponding and cold-hearted he was acting..unfortunately I could not explain any of his actions!

It sounds like he is objecting to the IDEA of Greek life without getting to know the actual people.

I'll comment to give you a little more of the masculine perspective. I would switch this around and say that if he was truly mature he would realize this. Thanks so much for your replies I'm really sorry that I have not repled in so long!You can't sacrifice loved ones, but I knew sorority life would be time consuming, so I became inactive in my other clubs and focused on school, the BF, sorority, and work. We get along fine except when we talk about Theta or Greek Life.Social life is only allowed if there was time because really, it isn't that important to me. I have tried to tell him how much we Greeks have influenced the community for the better, by our philanthropy and service projects. [This message has been edited by sammie17 (edited February 22, 2001).] Sammie, I'm sorry that your boyfriend feels that way about your sorority.I do agree that sorority life does take up a lot of time; but I believe that it is time well spent! And does he know that you are totally impacted by his opinions? My boyfriend's not a Greek, and it really hasn't been much of a problem.If he truly cares for you (which I really hope he does), he would learn to be more accepting because Theta is a part of your life. He's a huge supporter of my having sisters and he thinks it's great for me to have "girl time." I've learned to be careful when it comes to frat parties and stuff -- I always bring my cell phone and call him regularly so he knows where I am and that I'm OK.

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