I don want to play the dating game

Dating — or getting to know someone new in hopes of forming a relationship — holds a very high potential of making yourself vulnerable to someone else.Relationships are built on trust, amongst other things, and the general aim of dating is to get into a relationship (there is the aim of sex, of course, but the same principles apply).We have all felt the rush of getting to know someone new; a person to whom we are attracted who may also be attracted to us.The feelings of intrigue, lust, uncertainty, anticipation, confusion and passion all mix to create the intoxicating cocktail of desire we call attraction (which some of us are addicted to).When getting into a relationship, we generally continue to share more and more about ourselves with another person.

If someone possesses an element of mystery (certain aspects that arouse your curiosity), it creates intrigue and you'll naturally become interested in the person. If we know too much about a person too early, or if he or she reveals too much about him or herself too soon in the stages of attraction, the mystery can vanish and our intrigue can drop.

The reason why most of us feel we shouldn't be too vulnerable with another person is because we obviously don't want to get hurt.

If we open ourselves up people too soon and they don't like us for whatever reason, it can be a huge blow to our self-esteem, pride and vanity.

If people don't know how we truly feel about them, there is a smaller chance of us getting hurt.

Keeping your emotional walls up is a form of self-preservation.

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