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doesnt have many in the case of Inuyasha and kagome because you can choose your who your character (female or male main character of the game) ends up with. Because the previous answer was junk, I'll improve for you. Rumiko Takahashi is already working on her next manga, Rin-Ne, now that Inuyasha has come to a close. Kagome has become obsessed with playing dating sims.She ironically becomes trapped inside a game, and must now choose a love interest.While several videos entitled "Inuyasha The Movie 5" and related titles, including the fan-made title "The Final Confrontation" are still up on the web, most date from 2008 or earlier and are clearly fan-made and completely unofficial. i know this because i myself am trying to find some girl sim dates I'm just adding to this with a couple of places with a few sim dates for girls. well there are 2 console games which are Inuyasha: the secret of the cursed mask, which is for playstation 2, and theres Inuyasha: secret of the divin jewel. Firstly there's she's made about 5 games that I really enjoyed.

There's also she also has made a few games : D If you… Inuyasha: Kanketsuhen (Inuyasha: The Final Act) wrapped up the animated series to coincide with the ending of the manga, and short of creating any new movies with entirely original plots, there's no more story left in the Inuyasha universe to tell. There haven't been any announcements to that effect, no. They do, however, kiss in the second movie, Inuyasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. Kagome: Hush up Inuyasha, not like Jakotsu is gonna rape you or anything it's just a date. Inuyasha: no wait 4, wait no, no, no 3 yes 3.c Sango: Okay Contestant 3 come on out, you've just won a date with Inuyasha .

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There might be some parts when Kagome naps on his shoulder, or Inuyasha naps on her lap, but that's about it.

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