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In this work, the effects of heterozygous -F142L have been investigated in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hi PSC-CMs) obtained from a LQTS patient carrying the F142L mutation, the context of native allelic ratio and potential gene modifiers., resulting in augmented inward current during the plateau phase.Among its descendants are "lucid" itself (which can mean "shining," "clear-headed," or "easily understood"), "lucent" (meaning "giving off light" or "easily seen through"), and "translucent" (meaning "partly transparent" or "clear enough for light to pass through").These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'elucidate.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. W przypadku pytań lub wątpliwości prosimy o kontakt.Discussion of Wittgenstein's Tractatus is currently dominated by two opposing interpretations of the work: a metaphysical or realist reading and the 'resolute' reading of Diamond and Conant.Marie Mc Ginn's principal aim in this book is to develop an alternative interpretative line, which rejects the idea, central to the metaphysical reading, that Wittgenstein sets out to ground the logic of our language in features of an independently constituted reality, but which allows that he aims to provide positive philosophical insights into how language functions.

The more outre and grotesque an incident is the more carefully it deserves to be examined, and the very point which appears to complicate a case is, when duly considered and scientifically handled, the one which is most likely to I have it now before me; and though you could not, of course, peruse it with half the interest that I did, I know you would not be satisfied with an abbreviation of its contents, and you shall have the whole, save, perhaps, a few passages here and there of merely temporary interest to the writer, or such as would serve to encumber the story rather than the molecular mechanisms and physiological relevance of death-receptor signaling in the nervous system and to harness this knowledge for the development of novel treatments to neurodegenerative diseases and neurotrauma.

The book includes a discussion of the philosophical background to the Tractatus, a comprehensive interpretation of Wittgenstein's early views of logic and language, and an interpretation of the remarks on solipsism. [Mc Ginn] has done an important job in showing how a reading that accepts as its starting point Diamond's critique of the traditional interpretation is perfectly capable indeed, well positioned to describe the Tractatus as a contribution to logic and the philosophy of logic... Wg danych au/about, wspierane lokalnymi oddziałami wydawniczymi rocznie publikuje ponad 6 000 tytułów o łącznym nakładzie 110 mln egzemplarzy, sprzedawanych głównie poza Wielką Brytanią.

The final chapter is a discussion of the relation between the early and the later philosophy that articulates the fundamental shift in Wittgenstein's approach to the task of understanding how language functions and reveal the still more fundamental continuity in his conception of his philosophical task. with respect to its elucidation of the Tractatus' views on logic, Mc Ginn's book is pretty much the book on Wittgenstein's early philosophy I always wanted to read as a student, but was never able to find... Oferta obejmuje słowniki, materiały do nauczania języka angielskiego, czasopisma, monografie naukowe, podręczniki akademickie, książki o muzyce, książki dla dzieci.

"; "Clear up the question of who is at fault"elaborate, expatiate, expound, lucubrate, dilate, flesh out, exposit, enlarge, expand - add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing; "She elaborated on the main ideas in her dissertation"When I have intimated that the foreigner with the scar was a member of the Brotherhood (admitted in Italy after Pesca's departure from his native country), and when I have further added that the two cuts, in the form of a T, on the left arm of the dead man, signified the Italian word "Traditore," and showed that justice had been done by the Brotherhood on a traitor, I have contributed all that I know towards At the back of the estrade, and attached to a moveable partition dividing this schoolroom from another beyond, was a large tableau of wood painted black and varnished; a thick crayon of white chalk lay on my desk for the convenience of any grammatical or verbal obscurity which might occur in my lessons by writing it upon the tableau; a wet sponge appeared beside the chalk, to enable me to efface the marks when they had served the purpose intended.

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meaning "to shine." So "elucidating" can be thought of as the figurative equivalent of shining a light on something to make it easier to see.

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