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as well as the numerous hits she recorded for hundreds of recording artists.Beginning in 1969, she wrote her first of many bass tutoring books, "How To Play The Electric Bass" effectively changing the name of Fender Bass to Electric Bass and began teaching 100s of Electric Bass students, many of them now famous themselves.Then in the next chorus, he erases all that, and fills it out all again with different, every-bit-as-perfect answers, over and over.Enchanting and infuriating.“So much so that it’s easy to miss his single-note soloing, the sublime unfailingly swinging storytelling that made him an exquisite bandmate for Paul Desmond.“All being done on a solid-body Telecaster, from which he coaxed a sound that would be the envy of any hollow-body player.“I got to meet him a couple of times only, and play just a couple of tunes with him.The coffee and vending machines got a work out too as sometimes we had to eat out of cans (no time to eat), sleep on our 5-minute break on the floor (get 8 hours sleep a night, are you kidding? People used to ask how you got in the studios, we'd all say: "learn how to grab a parking place, don't be late, and carry a pencil, don't be egotistical, oh and yes, know how to create, read music and play your --- off".I almost feel embarrassed about all the credits but these tunes represent the work of *everybody*, not just me, not just the star, or the tune, but of mostly family-oriented musicians who were respected, in-demand, no-nonsense coffee-driven (yes) and there were some pretty funny moments too, plenty of one-liners at times.

(Often wondered, when will that cigarette ash drop, and will he ever play a ‘grip’ — his word for chord — that I recognize. A master.” of when he first saw Bickert play with Dizzy Gillespie and MOe Kofman:“Jazz guitarists around the world rightly revere Ed Bickert,” Rud said.

“But for Canadian jazz guitarists, I think he was the very voice of impeccable musical judgment — when to play, when not to.“That’s before you even get to his chord approach, which was brand new, science-fiction level technology to all of us.

Listening to his chord work, guitarists are left feeling like they are watching someone fill out the New York Times crossword puzzle, all perfectly correctly, and with many deeply satisfying, unexpected twists.

Taj Mahal to Carol Kaye when both appeared at the 2000 EMC Music Museum in Seattle - "Carol Kaye, you are the BEST!

" Hollywood 1960s Motown Producer Hal Davis quote from "Bass Heroes" book: "Yes, Carol Kaye did do the Motown hits she claims." There were around 350 really great studio musicians who played together, created lines together (especially the rhythm sections), and had the right attitude to constantly work some round-the-clock hours almost every day of the year to help create and perform in the studios.

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TORONTO (Celebrity Access) Ed Bickert, 86, considered the top guitarist of Toronto, Ontario for nearly 50 years, died Feb. The Canadian jazz legend, who retired in 2000, was not an international figure because he did not have an affinity for touring and the limelight, once saying “I was born to be a sideman.”Instead, after growing up in Vernon, British Columbia, with parents who played the piano and fiddle, Bickert moved to Toronto in 1952 as a radio station engineer but found his way into the music scene, according to the said in a profile for Bickert’s 80th birthday.

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