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We think the dates our members go on should be amazing, memorable occasions.

chronicles the year following Mac Nicol’s 40th birthday, in which she tries to get her increasingly dementia-addled mother into a nursing home, help out her recently separated sister, and also sort out how she feels about having hit that big, round number without having obtained—gasp! Which means that maybe it’s not so crazy for me to turn some of the energy people expect me to spend on hunting for a partner toward making that life something I’m excited to keep living in, whether it ever includes a husband or not. I’m not going to just like, perish off the face of the earth, right? I would like to get married eventually, I think, but the older I get, the more I have to wonder: So what if I don’t?The old-fashioned ways of dating - trying to catch the eye of someone in a cafe or scouting for potential partners in a bar - can be fun.But how can you know if they're truly compatible with you?

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When you're traveling, you're out of those grooves, so there's much less pressure. But my most recent date was in America, in New York. I think in the last few years what I've realized about dating is that it's easy for me to see a date and understand that if I put some energy into it—tried a little harder, made it a little easier—I could turn some of these second and third dates into that.

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