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The dashboard displays different statistics, user count and levels, latest users, latest payments, latest reports. Configurable member level, ban option and user details including Reports & Payments. Administrator can see reports, act (ban, send warning, delete) and set their status. List of existing payments where the administrator can edit the status in case they require manual approval (for payments with IPN, but as pending, processing, etc.) Page Fields.The administrator can create custom fields, define there type (text area, dropdown, checkbox, radiobox, etc.), set them as required and specify the parameters.Feel free to test as you please; the server resets itself each hour. Most of people are unhappy living alone, so we are stubbornly searching for that one and only person who will make our life complete, full of joy, love and affection.The various plugins properly integrate the website with other social media sites, provide links to various videos and other direct pages, help in changing the outlook and layout of the website by specific additions, add various widgets that might be helpful for the users or might attract public.

Thats why we offer you to have a look at the modern romantic Dating Joomla Template , on the basis of which, you can easily build a fully-fledged online dating agency.Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale. Bootstrap is a range of instruments with an open source code. Find more Bootstrap Joomla templates here What is it?It is great for making websites and web apps with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Parallax effect is a solution in web design where your background content shifts less quickly than the foreground. By way of the parallax scrolling effect, you can easily include the impression of interesting depth to your website, and so displaying your information in a a lot more fascinating style.The membership plans feature can be enable or disabled by the administrator.) Smarty-based Template System (can be enabled or disabled by the administrator).The Administrator of the system has the following features enabled: Dashboard.

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