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[Laughs] With our little i Phones playing cards and stuff. I was so sad to see the opening theme song, “Little Boxes,” go away after the third season, but it made a comeback in the final season. I was in the producer’s office one day and I saw this huge list of like 100 names on his computer that had sent in versions of the song. I think we need to talk to Jenji Kohan about putting out a box set of unreleased “Little Boxes” recordings. I suppose they’d probably have to license all the ones they never used and that might be expensive. [Laughs]Do you have a personal favorite of the versions that did run?The list of musicians that recorded that song is amazing. One of my rock heroes, Bob Mould (from Hüsker Dü and Sugar) was on there. It was pretty exciting to hear Elvis Costello, who is another hero of mine.If you think the extremely popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black is the first hit creator Jenji Kohan has had, you haven’t been watching enough television.

In the second season, she joins with her friends and family -- played by Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Nealon, Romany Malco, and Justin Kirk -- and together they're facing life's highs and lows. Season 2 of the acclaimed Showtime series Weeds endeavors for funnier, darker, and even more daring story lines.

Yeah, he found a way to fit in pretty much anywhere. He loved life and he loved the world and he just takes it in big gulps.

I think he’s admirable in that way and I think that was the reason that life was fun for him. Our first scene together was when I came over and watched porn with Doug on the couch.

Did you ever get to keep one of those Copenhagen Wheels? Oh, I have my El Andy velvet painting from when he and Doug were coyotes. I think they thought, “Oh, these idiots work well together. First, I love our penultimate episode—number one hundred—when we went back to Agrestic and saw some old friends and had sad sex on the ground where my brother died.

No, and I just saw something that the real thing is finally coming to fruition. Alas, I have no stake or money in it, so I can just watch. This is OK TV.”Are you satisfied with how the show ended? And I love how in the finale we jumped into the future and, suddenly, we became kind of a sci-fi show. They had gone into their studio and sent in their thing.

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It’s nice to be on a show where you’re glad it went for eight seasons. [Laughs]Aside from maybe Nancy Botwin, Andy probably goes through the most changes and crazy scenarios during the show’s run.

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