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Kahei Otani : President of the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce. 193 Fishing equipment and products 1 94 Toys 198 Permanent decoration and fixed furniture for buildings and dwellings 199 Office and household furniture and utilities ... Sekl Hoshmo : IVlember of the House of Representatives : member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce. 199 — Paper hanging 202 Window shades and fiittmgs 202 Carpets^ tapestries and fabrics for upholstery ...

X The vice-present assists the president in the transaction of business, and acts for the president in case he should be prevent- ed from conducting the business himself. Goods traded with different countries 70 MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY L General remarks 72 II. General condition of different manufacturing industries. Hokkaido ocenes : A Lecture Hall, The Garden, and the Experimental Farm, of the College of Agriculture, Sapporo; Aino; Bird's Eye View of Hakodate , 62 1 9. Hak one and Atami Scenes : Miyanoshita, the River Miyagino, and Sokokura, at Hakone ; Bird's Eye View and Hot Spring, at Atami ... Shizuoka Scenes : The Main Shrine of Kuno ; General View of Mt. ANAMA-PACIFIC-INTERNATIONAb EXPOSITION SAN FRANCISCO 1915 Plffi LISHED BY SOCIETE DEs EXPOSITIONS ERRATA Page 196 197 first column, line i 7 for the words " Ayakogai (Magarititera mattensii) " read " Akoyagai (Margaritifera martensii) 206 second column, line 1 for the word " Yoshitaro " read " Buntaro "'. The staff of the Imperial Commission will be as follows : President one Vice-President -.. The regulations dealing with branches or subdivisions are to be constituted by the decision of the board of councillors. The reason of the expulsion, however, shall not be divulged. 211 first column, line 42 and page 370 second column, line 17 for the word " WATANO, KICHIjl RO " read "WATANO, KICHIJI". YAMAWAKI PRESIDENT OF SOSIETE COMMISSIONER-GENERAL DES EXPOSITIONS GOVERNMENT ORQANi ZATION OF THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE COMMISSION TO THE PANAMA- PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION Article I. - one Commissioner-General one Commissioners Several Inspectors Several Clerks eleven Assistant Experts three Article III. In case of withdrawal or expulsion from the Society the money that was subscribed shall not be returned. The property of the Society consists of membership fees, property transmitted to it by the Anglo- Japanese Exhibi- tion Society, subsidies granted by the government and public VI bodies, donations from persons interested in the work of the Society and other extraordinary receipts. The fxscal year of the Society is identical with the calendar year. (The Bureau o J Finance, Formosan Government.) [^^i^'^i mmi TAIWAN SOTOKU - FU, SEMBAI KYOKU. {MMl^'Uf^M m M) TAIWAN SOTOKU - FU, SHOKUSAN KYOKU. Article XVIIL The convocation of the general meeting is notified either by letter or by newspaper announcement. Amendments of the articles must be made through the decision of the general meeting. General conditions of different mining industries .•• 147 PART II EXHIBITS IN VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS I. The Department of Fine Arts 155 Paintings of Japanese school 155 XVII TABLE OF CONTENTS Oil and water-colour paintings 156 Sculpture 157 Metallic work 158 Lacquer ware 158 Wood and bamboo works 159 Porcelain, earthenware and cloisonne 159 Dyeing and embroidery 1 60 Carvings, printings and photographs 1 60 Industrial art designs 1 60 Loan collection 161 III. 1 6 1 Elementary education 161 Secondary education 161 Higher education 162 Special education in fine arts 1 64 Special education in agriculture 1 64 Education of the subnormal 1 64 Physical training of the child and adult 1 65 Agencies for the study, investigation and better- ment of social and economic conditions I 65 Economic resources and organization 1 65 Hygiene 1 66 Alcohol, drugs and tobacco I 66 Chanties and correction ... It is necessary, however, to have the consent of more than two thirds of the members present. The first directors, auditors and councillors, are elected at the promoters' meeting. 1 66 Public utilities and their regulation 166 Municipal advancement 167 Recreation • 167 IV.

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