Law of scarcity dating

Point is, if people really believe that they’ll be missing out on something, they’ll be prompted to act more quickly to receive it.

When it comes to relationships, there will always be another man or woman waiting to take your place. The secret to making sure that you remain the man or woman he or she wants to be with is to set yourself apart as one-of-a-kind.

And psychologists have long known that if you can make a consumer good more desirable by making it appear rare.” FOMO is defined as a “pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.

It is characterized by the “desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.” As you’ll see from the examples below, scarcity is heavily predicated on the idea that others desire the product/service, and that in order to get in on the goods, you’ve gotta act now.

This makes sense in a traditional economic way, where less supply and more demand drives up prices. When mom said you couldn’t have a toy, didn’t you want it more?

So it’s a psychological trigger, and it’s easy to understand from an intuitive level.

“When something is rare, it’s alluring–true whether you’re talking about precious gemstones or a pristine edition of the first issue of Action Comics (which introduced Superman).If everything is scarce, then scarcity itself lacks its value and people become too used to it.Studies of retail sales have shown that if more than about 30% of goods have ‘sale’ sticker on them, the effectiveness of this method decreases.” Human behavior is such that we are likelier to purchase something if we’re informed that it’s the very last one or that a special deal will soon expire.The results: 59% said they would be interested in pursuing the single guy, but that number jumped to 90% when they thought the guy was taken.If something is rare, or unattainable, we want it more.

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By being that “something that no one else has” to someone else, we’re perceived to be of high quality and therefore in demand — or at least that’s how the human mind sees it.

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