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Even if she stumbles in the semi-finals, or turns in subpar performances, I expect the judges to coddle her with “that wasn’t your best performance, but you’ll sail through” sentiments.Personality might be a problems after that, though; she’ll have to inspire people to care about her. She’s incredibly talented, but even if she doesn’t live up to it in the semi-finals, she’ll go through, because America likes putting through cute talented teenagers, and Simon enjoys screwing with them once they make the Top 12 — telling them to sing songs more their age, but then berating them for being bland when they do. Comparisons between Jordin and Lisa Tucker have already been drawn, and not just because are both young with curly hair and cocoa skin, either.1 and Katharine Mc Phee (who, interestingly enough and despite all her promo, has only sold about 163,000 copies of her album) can reign supreme as default co-winners. If the audience feels duped, they may not respond with votes.I’m also gonna go out on a limb and say that Sundance Head will be making the Top 12.UPDATE: This rumor, apparently, pertains to Chris Sligh. …That Haley Scarnato may buy herself another week with her performance. …That Stephanie Edwards is juggling three songs right now (perhaps due to clearance issues? …That Blake Lewis is worrying about toeing that Taylor Hicks-ish line between unique and gimmicky.I’m not putting a lot of stock in these, simply because they come from a new “source” whose accuracy hasn’t been confirmed, I don’t think, and also because they have a Nostradamus-like ambiguity to them. I think she’s just as pretty as Miss Barba, she just doesn’t play it up that much.

Spill these at the watercooler tomorrow morning and see how right you turn out to be.

Brandon Rogers and his mega-watt smile are going through to the Top 12. factor, and while I find his vocals a bit nondescript at this point, a lot of people really like him, and I think, so does the show. Lisa had a penchant for picking songs that aged her about fifty years (though it never bothered me, personally) and falling flat when she tried bouncier numbers; the same may happen to Jordin.

Obviously cannon fodder: I think it’s pretty clear that Simon built up Alaina Alexander for the sheer pleasure of tearing her down later.

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Says an “insider,” Taylor didn’t want a bodyguard accompanying him to the bathroom (egads! ) and didn’t want to be in the show once he made the Top 8 anymore (which I guess is why he kept on turning in those high-energy, crowd-pleasing performances).

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