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This community is—theoretically—united in certain beliefs and practices.For example, all Muslims believe there is no god but Allah, that Muhammad acted as Allah’s messenger, and that the Koran is Allah’s recitation.In most other majority-Muslim countries, the age of consent is twelve.In some secular Muslim communities, however, local laws and customs determine the allowable age.This only applies to the prospective husband’s first marriage.Under Islam, the consent of the bride is required to become a second, third, or fourth wife.It should be noted that sometimes her consent is not required to proceed with what her guardian (wali mujbir) feels is a good match.More secular Muslim countries have outlawed forced marriages, while others permit the practice on the grounds that the father or paternal grandfather has the final say in family affairs.

This theory, however, is often overridden by local customs and ingrained attitudes among communities.

However, men must show that they’re able to support this number of wives.

Women are not permitted to marry more than one man, traditionally because of the difficulty of proving which man fathered which son.

Muslim men are permitted to choose wives from among fellow believers or from among other “people of the book”: Christians and Jews. In Islam, men are often permitted to marry multiple women.

The warrant for this is to be found in both the Koran and in the personal life of the Prophet.

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There are certain customs that all Muslims are expected to follow, but since Islam is interpreted in many ways across many cultures, it is difficult to make sweeping generalizations.

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